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Master course aim to form students and professionals alike, offering all the digital tools available in graphics and multimedia.

Acquired skills range from 2D and 3D graphics to the effective use of vertical applications, particularly aimed at the area of fashion design and design in general, not excluding the use of the latest communications tools like the Internet and digital multimedia.

Computer and Operating Systems (module 1) – 15 hrs.

Discovering computers, from basic concepts to basic use, essential for the use of any software on any computer system. Mastering the basic concepts and use of computers in any specialised job.
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Productivity software and tools (module 2) – 15 hrs.

The essential tools for any computer-based work environment, typically applied to individual and company productivity. Planning, creating, integrating and distributing computer-made documents in the most used formats.

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 2D graphics (module 3) – 20 hrs

2D Graphics (programs and tools) and 3D graphics basic concepts 2D and 3D digital graphics applied to the world of design. From the planning of shapes to the modelling of objects in space, surface, light and materials simulation.

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Internet Communication (module 4) – 20 hrs.

Internet (use and creativity)

The Net as a tool for personal communication or in a work environment. Connecting to the Internet, managing e-mail, communicating in real time, searching and finding informations, keeping up-to-date and creating Web pages and sites.

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Multimedia Communication (module 5) – 20 hrs.

Multimedia tools and techniques
The digital tools for creating interactive communication. From simple presentations to the planning and creation of interactivity in CD-ROM, multimedia interfaces for the Internet and hybrid on-line/off-line solutions.

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Fashion Design Vertical Software (module 6) – 40 hrs.

Fashion Design Vertical Software

The use of 2D and 3D graphics in style design and fashion in general. Creating the full range of stylistic and marketing materials using the best digital available tools.

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