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The essential tools for any computer-based work environment, typically applied to individual and company productivity. Planning, creating, integrating and distributing computer-made documents in the most used formats.

Text processing

  • Basic text editing
  • Carachters, words, lines and paragraphs
  • Spacing and intendation
  • Text styles
  • Text formats
  • Exporting and exporting text

Basic layout techniques

  • Formatting a document
  • Notes
  • Page numbering
  • Tabulations and columns
  • Inserting images in a document


  • Database concept
  • Fields and records
  • Importing text
  • Adding, modif., delet. Fields
  • Records
  • Sorting
  • Searching
  • Filters
  • Exporting data


  • Spreadsheet concept
  • Values and formulas
  • Automatic creation of formulas
  • Manual creation of formulas
  • Hands-on example: invoices
  • Creating charts

Bitmap graphics basics

  • Painting tools
  • Resolution and colour
  • Creating an image
  • Importing and editing an image
  • Saving and exporting an image

Applications integration

  • Databases in spreadsheets
  • Charts in text documents