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About us

fashion & design lab is a totally new reality in the field of learning and acquiring skills and know-how about Italian Fashion and Design and their marketing and communication, and we’re sure it may be of interest for any institute to offer its students an opportunity of being taught the principles of these subjects ‘on the field’ and by professionals who actively work in these areas. Our teachers, in fact, have been selected for their active role in the fields of Italian and European Fashion and Design creation, production, branding and marketing and their ability to communicate their skills and know-how thus giving their scholars a real opportunity of growing professionally and culturally with the necessary tools such areas require.

Here’s what’s made our Florence’s learning center unique since more than a decade:

● f&dl (fashion & design lab) starts in Florence in 2000, thanks to a group of Italian designers from the style and marketing consulting studio “lebelleforme”, already operating in an International network with clients from all over the world and Far East (Turkey, China, India) and South America (Brazil, Colombia) in particular.

● f&ld’s mission is to “build” designers and other professionals in such firms both in the traditional “fashion & marketing” field and in the even more important area of innovation and creation of new “concepts”.

We chose, for our Italian school in Florence, a brand with a clear and fundamental meaning:

fashion & design lab

where the lab word underlines the mostly “artisan” way of working and “lab” environment where creativity meets kills and know-how to build effective and successful professionals from the students.

Or school’s motto is, in fact:


Most of our teachers are, in fact, professionals working daily in the field and are thus able to impart to their scholars the strageties and methods which play a vital role in the market, helping them to face and manage the issues and needs typically found in this field.

The idea of integrating our courses with programs suited to both firm’s professionals and fashion, design and marketing students wanting to play such a role, has lead to a reprogramming and molding of our courses that are thus particularly suited also for the needs of American institutes.

f&dl strengths are:

● programs tailored on the market needs, with effective and optimized learning plans that overcome the limits and weaknesses of traditional learning

● partnerships with firms and universities, both in Italy and abroad (China, Turkey, India, Americas)

Following this logical approach, we’ve chosen our courses “locations” as follows:

● CLASSROOMS in the heart of Florence, for theory and visual teaching

● FASHION LAB in Vallina, heart of the industrial district of Florence, for practical fashion sessions and teaching

● DESIGN LAB in Calenzano, Florence’s design district and heart of the Design faculty of Florence’s university, for practical design sessions and teachings

f&dl is more than a ‘school’, going beyond teaching and creating and environment and ‘network’ where students, designers, firms and universities meet together and interact to offer future professionals more opportunities for growth and career.