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Fashion & Design Lab provides professional training both in traditional areas of the Fashion and Design industry and in cutting edge sectors defined by the new trends in Italian and international markets. Here are the main course topics you’ll find at Fashion & Design Lab (click on labels to show details):

Art of Music Courses

From harmony in shapes and colours to harmony in sound, here at Fashion & Design Lab you’ll find the best music professionals ready to transmit their love and knowledge in an artistic and modern learning environment where nothing is understimated and every facet of Music finds its best application.

Food & Wine Culture Courses

Italy’s most renowned products, places and traditions are a mix of art, culture, colour and flavour, and cuisine stand above many aspects of Italian excellence and international recognition. In Food & Wine Culture courses we’re going to give a complete vision of the Italian cooking while apparising the products of Mediterranean Diet and their virtues.

Business, Marketing and Communication Courses

Aimed at defining the most important skills needed by all professionals working in every field , these courses focus on the three main areas of Business, Marketing and Communication with a peculiar attention to the most updated Web and Internet tools and strategies.

Fashion Design Courses

The evergreen field of Fashion Design is covered by a series of courses which aim at offering a complete professional background at any level of expertise. Creativity and trends analysis blend together to give the best skills needed in current Fashion industry opportunities and careers.

Interior/Industrial Design Courses

The design of products and environments needs a combination of tools and knowledge able to guarantee a balance in the designer’s profile, and our courses are structured to offer the most in this particular aspect of the learning process. Taught by professional to shape new professionals, F&DL courses’ always deliver what is promised.