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Fashion Design Lab courses are offered in the following formats:


Two Semesters (Full Time Enrollment)

One Semester (Full Time Enrollment)

One Quarter (Full Time Enrollment)


Summer Intensives

Two Months (4 Courses)      June AND July

One-Month (2 Courses)         June OR July


Note: The specific courses offered during a semester, quarter, or Summer Intensive period will be selected with input from  academic institutions whom we have an Affiliation Agreement with.


One-Week/Two-Week Educational Experiences

Fashion Design Lab offers on-week and two-week international educational programs that supplement an already existing course being taught in a student’s home country.  These educational experiences are customized to support the content of the existing course.  These educational experiences may include guest lectures by Fashion Design Lab Faculty, tours and excursions.

Faculty from the student’s home institution will have full access to Fashion Design Lab classrooms and facilities.