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The course will help students to come into the roles of operas putting attention to the style and the vocal conception of the composer. We mostly will consider italian opera and italian idiom and pronunciation. The students will have individual and group lessons and a piano teacher specialized in vocal music. AOMVC-110 | 45 hours | 3 credits
The course will offer a guide of interpretation of classical flute and for advanced students the most important innovative techniques of contemporary flute like multiphonics, glissandos, whistle tones, trumpet tones, roll sounds and many other thechniques used by famous composers. AOMFL-120 | 45 hours | 3 credits
We will introduce students of every level to a different approach that will consist not only in thechique but in professional performance too. The medium-high students will learn how to realize interpretations of different styles from barock to modern music. AOMPN-130 | 45 hours | 3 credits
The course is oriented to classical sax introducing the most innovative influences and techniques of contemporary music. Every kind of sax player can follow lessons, from soprano to baritone sax. We will give even a brief introduction of the use of sax in different genre as jazz music. AOMSX-140 | 45 hours | 3 credits
The course, after a verification of the level, will allows students to understand and developt the most important basis of theory with harmony and analysis of scores. For student medium-high level we have advanced lessons of harmony, counterpoint and orchestration. In every group lesson we consider very important a discussion of the most important thechniques of contemporary composers with the auxilium of audio files and an introduction of the different musical taste. We offer even music engraving support with the software Sibelius and a brief introduction of electronic music. AOMTH-150 | 45 hours | 3 credits
Music history is for all students that need a background of music evolution. Opera history is mostly for vocal students. Opera (melodramma) was born just in Florence and we will conduct students, step by step, to understand the most important innovation of the genre from Camerata dei Bardi to contemporary music. AOMMO-160 | 45 hours | 3 credits
We will teach to students how to use computer to create professional scores. The school has a computer class-room with the best selling software Sibelius. A professional composer with 13 years of Sibelius experience of use will give to students the basis of a professional score, note imput, techniques, page layout and many other information according to industry editorial system. AOMMW-170 | 45 hours | 3 credits