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Welcome to Fashion&Design Lab, the new Trend School situated in the heart of Florence. Fashion is our keyword, Fashion in all its nuances: its design history, its production techniques, fashion industry, the business around it, but also the trend reseach aspect.

This Blog will accompany you during your entire (virtual or real) journey in Florence. It will report all the news concerning our Trend School; moreover, it will guide you through the most special must-see places and locations, and inform you about the most important upcoming events in town because, as you may know, Florence offers a very rich calendar of exhibitions, shows and cultural initiatives. Fashion is not just the keyword of our Trend School, but also of this Blog. Design, Art, Music, Tuscan Lifestyle and Culture in general, are other important and interesting topics you will read about on this website. A rich Blog that will illustrate you the city of Florence in all its fabulous facets and colours.

And this is the best moment to launch our F&DL Blog! This week Florence will host its most important fashion event: the PITTI IMMAGINE, the so called Florentine Fashion Week (January 8 – 11). 4 days of fabulous events, cocktails and parties. Florence is already in “fibrillation”! Some very quick notes about Pitti: The main event is called Pitti Immagine UOMO, a trading fair that focuses on Men’s fashion wear; there’s also a smaller but equally important section that’s related to Women’s fashion wear, the so called Pitti Immagine W. Pitti attracts a lot of professionals from all over the world and the last edition, held in Summer 2012, saw a confluence of over 30.000 visitors. Pitti is way more than a fair, it’s an ensemble of events and happenings all around the city which are accessible to everyone interested in fashion and design. For further information, check out the official Pitti Immagine website:

During the next days, this Blog will report the most important Pitti fashion shows and events. Stay tuned dear fashion-lovers, because our journey is ready to start and we can’t wait to meet you all here in Florence at our Trend School.

Welcome at Fashion & Design Lab!