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The course aims to form a professional ready to interact with the reality of the textile / clothing market.

Each student will learn what will be necessary for him / her to be able to project and create a fashion collection, through the study of materials and design, and will specially learn the techniques that will prepare him to foresee a trend.

The course is structured in an intensive in-class period followed by practical work experience.

1st Semester

Italian Language (80 hrs)

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Introduction to Fashion and Accessories Design (45 hrs)

[toggle title=”course details”]The course is designed to introduce the students in the fashion world and to provide them with a general knowledge from the history of style and the fundamental techniques of fashion design. Throughout the one-semester course, the students design their own collection following their own project development from the first and most conceptual phases, to the actual production of samples. Special attention is given to sketching for fashion design. Students are introduced to the different types and weaves of fabric as well as to the design of accessories (leather goods, glasses, etc.).[/toggle]

Introduction to Pattermaking / Sewing (90 hrs)

[toggle title=”course details”]The student will learn the essential elements of patternmaking and draping to arrive to the making of a prototype. He will learn the main techniques of sewing and all that refers to the ready made garments.[/toggle]

Textile and Material Fundamentals (45 hrs)

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Apparel and Accessories Design (90 hrs)

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2nd Semester

Fashion and Accessories Design 2 / Portfolio / Elements of Informatics (90 hrs)

[toggle title=”course details”]This course is designed for students who possess a basic knowledge of drawing and fashion design. It aims to form the students into the profession of a fashion designer, and create a fashion collection. They begin by analysing their target market, determine the price range of their collections they choose the fabric and the typo of product (sportswear, formalwear, casual wear, etc.). Students will focus on the trends that will serve as inspiration source for their collections. They then will combine all these elements with the appropriate fabrics and accessories (linings, buttons, zippers, etc.). This course allows the students to develop an individual style that will characterise their portfolios. The course also includes technology elements for the presentation of the collection.[/toggle]

Advanced Patternmaking (45 hrs)

[toggle title=”course details”]In this course the students will improve their knowledge acquired in the first semester with lectures, examples and practical demonstrations.[/toggle]

Collection Project (90 hrs)

[toggle title=”course details”]The student will create his own collection putting in practise all that he has learned. Defines the target, analyses the trends, creates and designs original sketches, selects the fabrics, the accessories, makes the pattern and final prototype. This complete collection will then be presented in the final fashion show).[/toggle]

Trend research “Cool Hunter” (45 hrs)

[toggle title=”course details”]In this subject, which is new for fashion institutes, students will learn how fashion trends begin and have to be iterpreted. At the end of the course they will be able to foresee the future fashion sceneries and work out their own fashion trends.[/toggle]

Fashion show

[toggle title=”course details”]Students will present their articles in a Gala Evening with a defilée in the presence of guests, fashion experts and press.[/toggle]